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sjofn: Bio

Given the folksy, simplistic, almost Appalachian-type feeling of Sjofn's debut recording, and the cover photo that would lead one to believe she lives the life of Heidi, Girl of the Swiss Alps, there are a few clues that suggest Sjofn is not just a simple mountain girl. The presence of long-time clarinetist Paul Monsaratt, and producer/musician Jesse Gunn are a tip-off, as are the well crafted phrasings within her lyrics. What seems to remain simple, at first listen, are the arrangements and the sparse recordings. Sjofn points out that, "We spent a lot of time and effort making this recording sound just this way. We want to be part of the 'front porch folk revival' by sounding as if the music is being played in the living rooms and front porches of anyone's family home."

Indeed "Secret" is a refreshing remedy to today's overproduced singer-songwriter fare with their techno-prefect voices and instrumentation. With a pure, almost childlike voice Sjofn sings out over finger strummed guitars, banjos, electric guitars, and clarinet, with the emphasis on honest, straight, and unaffected delivery. Her acoustic folk songs have an unvarnished yet haunting appeal to them and are accessible enough to ring true regardless of guise.

Sjofn is an Alaskan sing-songwriter who lives in the Chugach Mountains. She frequents the folk-festival and coffee house scene in Alaska and the Yukon, but prefers to play at home on her front porch. Sjofn will tour Iceland and Greenland this summer.

Sjofn's debut full length CD is set for worldwide release on July 5th, 2010 on UK's Parallax Sounds.